The results of the competition The Kiatpetch SKS Muay Thai World Champion Belt on March 23rd.

On Saturday, the 23rd, at the Kiatpetch SKS World Champion Belt,

the first match featured Petchpichit Chai Nayok Ae Tasala against Dam Dued Tee Jaruen Muang in an intense and thrilling fight. In the third round, Petchpichit Chai landed a decisive right elbow that knocked Dam Dued down, securing the victory successfully.




In the second match, Tanthep Sor. Jitprasert (Blue) faced off against Super Bright P. Pichanet (Red) in a thrilling 5-round fight. The match was intense, with both fighters exchanging blows and displaying their skills. The game went on until the end with both fighters showing similar abilities, but in the end, there must be a winner and a loser. Tanthep managed to score more points and secure the victory in a close match.




In the third match, the main event, Wuttikorn Suan Namtam kiri (Red) faced off against Petch Sangwan Sor. Saman Garment (Blue), another exciting and entertaining match for the audience. Both fighters were skilled, and the experts at ringside were split in their predictions, as both sides had their strengths. One fighter came out with excellent weapons, while the other showed strong endurance and fighting spirit, exchanging points continuously throughout the match. In the end, victory belonged to Wuttikorn, winning by points, leaving Petch Sangwan disappointed but having fought valiantly.
In the fourth and final match for the SKS World Champion Belt, Alfie S. Dechapan (Blue) faced off against Pee Mai P. Kopkeua (Red). This match was extremely intense, with both fighters aggressively attacking each other. They exchanged blow for blow, with heavy artillery from both sides. The game took a turn in the second round when Pee Mai was knocked down after a fierce elbow strike from Alfie. After the fight resumed, Alfie continued his relentless elbow strikes, causing Pee Mai to retreat into a corner and eventually being unable to continue. The referee declared Alfie the winner, fearing that further fighting could lead to serious injury. In the end, Alfie S. Dechapan emerged as the SKS World Champion, claiming the belt


“The next event will begin on March 30th. Follow it on the SKSEmpire and Kiatpetch pages. Don’t miss it!”

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